Custom solutions for your project

As a client you benefit from our many years of experience in the individual project management and support.

As a modern development company, we offer you a wide range of high quality products and services.

As a client you benefit from our many years of experience in the individual project management and support. We do not operate as a manufacturer in this area, but provide you with exclusive designs for your own product line.

With our experience and know-how in microcontroller and DSP technology, we can offer you optimal solutions that create lasting value for users.

We provide you with a well-rounded portfolio, from the realization of individual project parts to the complete execution of a project. In the foreground is the optimal adaptation to the general conditions of your project.

Embedded Linux

With the use of DFM technology, your company benefits from the immense advantages of free software. Since 2006, DFM GmbH has relied on embedded Linux in all new devices.

Customers we helped with development

Experimentalstudio des SWR, Germany

Coda Audio, Germany

Micronas GmbH, Germany

MUTEC GmbH, Germany

Berger Lahr, Germany

ATT Automotive Testing Technologies GmbH, Germany

Main fields

Industrial Electronics

Communications technology

Automation technology, Control technology

Professional audio and studio technology

What we can help you with

Electronics / hardware development

  • Schematic and Layout Creation, PCB
  • Disconnection (PADS)
  • CAD housing design
  • Analog and digital circuit technology
  • Control technology, control engineering, measurement technology

Software development

  • PC, Embedded PC: Graphical application programs (GUIs)
  • Embedded Linux
  • Firmware: C, C ++, Assembler, VHDL, Verilog
  • IDEs: Visual Studio (MFC, .NET, C #), Ultimate ++ (C ++ IDE)
  • GUI design

Microcontroller, DSP, FPGA technologies

  • ARM7, C164, MC-16LX, MCS-51 series
  • SHARC ADSP, Blackfin, TI Multicore DSP
  • Altera, Xilinx, Actel
  • Audio IP Cores (Audio Matrix Mixer / Router, I2S, TDM, AES / EBU, Madi)
  • AE2_CAD


  • Standard: RS232 / 422/485, USB2.0, CAN IrDA
  • High speed: Ethernet (10/100/1000/10000 MBits), PCI Express, SDI, Rapid IO
  • Internal system: SPI, I2C


  • Concept and design studies
  • Specification of requirements
  • Prototype development / production
  • High-quality audio measurement technology analog / digital
  • Project management