• 4 analog input
  • 2 AES input
  • 4 analog output
  • Power:
    • 8 ohm: 4 x 1200 W
    • 4 ohm: 4 x 2000 W
    • 2 ohm: 4 x 2000 W

BPII Q12 - Datasheet

ABOUT BPII-Q12 – Amplifier

Q12 is a four-channel high-power DSP professional power amplifier developed by DFC based on the German DFM technology for Sound reinforcement in small and medium-sized halls and other
applications,Seamlessly embedded in NETCONTROL system. Based on 96kHz / 32Bit floating point operation high-efficiency DSP and high signal-to-noise ratio circuit, it provides accurate and powerful processing functions such as IIR, FIR, DEQ (dynamic equalization), supports large system power amplifier group debugging, with group gain, group delay, group IIR and other functions make debugging more handy.

Automatically detect the internal maximum temperature of the power amplifier and the state of the power amplifier to ensure that you know the working status of the power amplifier during use. Provide DSP signal and amplifier hardware double overload protection to make the audio system more secure.

DFM’s proprietary algorithm can provide the best performance and system protection for each sensor. Combined with IIR and FIR filters, it can generate a perfectly linear phase curve and significantly improve the impulse response. Achieve a more uniform, natural, transparent and realistic sound experience.

Four inputs are available with analog and AES, A/D converter, can produce 122dB impressive dynamics. D/A converter, can produce 123dB impressive dynamics.