Discontinued Module- and Device-Series


Discontinued. Succsseor: DMOD3SX

The DMOD2SX module is the new supreme class of our DSP-Module series. This module comes with our powerful 4th Generation DSP core technology featuring 96 kHz audio clock frequency and extended network capabilities. It provides up to 2 input channels (analogue + digital) and 4 analogue output channels. DMOD2SX is designed to work with the X-PRO, M-PRO and S-PRO amplifier modules from Pascal you also can use it with the amplifier module of your choice.



The DFM XPro3 DSP amplifier module allows you direct activation of already existing or new professional loudspeakers design.

It is equipped with all necessary in- and outputs, a net workable communication interface and operating elements for direct selection of desirable presets and level setting. Our device offers the most modern D-class technology of 3rd generation and supplies you with weight-efficient switching network technology.

Due to its high output power of 1 x 2500 W and 2 x 800 W you can not only control big Sub-/Sat systems but also managed them via efficient DSP architecture. The outstanding audio  parameters as a result guarantee your satisfaction in the most demanding applications.

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