Ready to use HiFi DSP powered amplifier module for self powered applications


  • 2 symetrical XLR-analogue inputs
  • 1 AES3 input (multiplexed with analogue input)
  • Very high capable (0,85W/cm³;) with ~4 kW Peak Power (1x 2500W / 2x 800W at 4 Ohms)
  • High efficiency DSP-Performance with internal sampling rate of 96kHz and 40Bit floating point technology
  • 1 Encoder for volume and menu
  • 24 storable presets which can be selected on the display with the help of encoder
  • Communication via 100 MBit Ethernet
  • LCD display

Flyer X-PRO3


The DFM XPro3 DSP amplifier module allows you direct activation of already existing or new professional loudspeakers design.

It is equipped with all necessary in- and outputs, a net workable communication interface and operating elements for direct selection of desirable presets and level setting. Our device offers the most modern D-class technology of 3rd generation and supplies you with weight-efficient switching network technology.


Due to its high output power of 1 x 2500 W and 2 x 800 W you can not only control big Sub-/Sat systems but also managed them via efficient DSP architecture. The outstanding audio  parameters as a result guarantee your satisfaction in the most demanding applications.

Above all this all the device supplemented by storable presets, real time-limiter and loudspeakers fault monitoring.

The robust all-metal housing with its compact external detentions will complement all professional application in any rough environments.



  • Input (User configuration)
    • Adjustable input levelPegel einstellbar
    • Mute function
    • 15 EQ (IIR) filter, Frequency, gain and quality adjustable
    • Input delay, up to 400 ms
    • Optional FIR filter, up to 2048 Taps



    • Output (Manufacturer configuration)
      • Output level is adjustable
      • Flexible routing with addition/ subtraction
      • 2 crossover filter (up to 8. Order)
      • 10 EQ (IIR) filter, Frequency, gain and quality adjustable
      • Output delay, up to 40 ms
      • Phase is invertible
      • RMS-Limiter, Threshold/ Attack/ Release are adjustable
      • Optional FIR filter, up to 2048 Taps