The DMOD3SX is the newest generation of DFM DSP modules, which replace the popular DMOD2SX module.


  • Up to 4 inputs analog + digital, symetric
  • 4 analogue outputs
  • Up to 24 presets on internal Flash



​The DMOD3SX has in contrast to the DMOD2SX four analog inputs. Beside this, the complete new firmware is based on new SHARCOS® technology, which meets the highest level of requirements for the next generation of fully controlled sound reinforcement.

The PC software “NetControl” allows therefore grouping and remote controlling of various modules. The outstanding audio experience is based on well designed analog circuits and an internal 96 kHz high performance audio processing.

The DMOD3SX can be combined with commercially available amplifier modules from Pascal® and can be used for audio subwoofers, powered speakers and rack mounted audio system.

DMOD3SX Features


  • 96kHz sample rate
  • Inputs (user configuration):
    • level, adjustable,
    • Mute function
    • 15 band IIR-EQ, frequency, gain und quality adjustable
    • Delay, up to 350 ms
    • FIR-Filter with up to 1024 Taps
  • Outputs (Manufacturer configuration):
    • level, abjustable
    • Flexible routing with addition/subtraction
    • 2 crossover filter (up to 8. Order)
    • 10 band IIR-EQ, frequency, gain and quality adjustable
    • Delay, up to 40 ms
    • Phase is invertible
    • RMS-Limiter, Threshold/ Attack/ Release are adjustable
    • FIR-Filter with up to 1024 Taps

Display options:

  • Usable on-board LEDs and button
  • Usable external 2×20 character display, encoder on-board (preset change, Gain)
  • Custom Display
  • Usable external LEDs


  • As active Speaker module
    • direct with Plug, Gain-Poti, Preset LEDs and Pushbutton On-Board.
    • with external IO-Board


  • W x D x H: 120 x 65 x 30 mm


  • 10/100 MBit Ethernet