DMOD3C DSP-module on the DEMO-board from DFM.

Short Description

Building high class DSP powered networks to enhance your rack device solutions – made easy with the new DMOD3C DSP-module on the DEMO-board from DFM.




The DMOD3C DEMO-board is the easiest way to adapt the DMOD3C to your own amp hardware. It includes all needed interfaces to integrated the DMOD3C fast and comprehensive in various applications. You can use the DMOD3C DEMO-board as a base for your own 4×4 controller or you can the boards can be cut and integrated in your 19’’ amplifier. It offers a complete solution based on user interface with a 2×20 graphical LCD, configurable buttons and LEDs. 

In addition, there is a encoder for menu and parameter editing. Many configurable controls are available over the flexible DSP structure.

The PC software “NetControl2” allows grouping and remote controlling of various modules. Well designed analog circuits and an continuous internal 96 kHz high performance audio processing based on outstanding audio experience.